We Like the World is a not-for-profit organisation created in 2011 to build a school in Africa funded by a charity World Tour. An extraordinary trip, with unique encounters and the extreme joy of being able to build a school.

Now WLTW is growing again, opening its doors to the world, so that everyone can be part of the experience.



The Colas’ family challenge

Complete a round the world tour hosted by Facebook friends to build a school in Burkina Faso with the hotel savings.
Results: €90.000 raised through hotel savings, donations and sponsorships. 1 primary school built for 235 children.



Irene Meister continues the dream

A 6-month world tour to fund the education of girls in Cambodia.
Results: €45,000 raised through hotel savings & private donors. Funding of all education costs for 30 high school students for 6 years.



Inspired by We Like The World

Around the world, host families launch their own fundraising initiatives to help support We Like The World projects.




Join the movement

Now WLTW is going global. Thanks to the platform, get in touch with your friends, be hosted for a night or a weekend and make a donation towards childrens’ education thanks to the hotel savings.


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