Cissé Yargo School, Burkina Faso


Classroom expansion, dining hall & playground, Burkina Faso.

More than just a school
The Cissé Yargo school was too small to welcome all the neighborhood children. As a consequence, parents were prioritizing their sons, depriving their daughters of a brighter future. In addition, the school is located at the border with Sahel in a desert area, resulting in recurring food issues.

The results
The Colas family was hosted by 56 families in 17 countries across 5 continents.
€90,000 raised through hotel savings, individual donations and sponsorships.
1 school extension with 3 new classrooms to welcome 235 new students, school electrification by Engie, 1 playground, 1 canteen to prepare meals and the funding of the school meals every year since 2012.
Bicycles to send girls to high school.