École du Bayon, Cambodia


Funding to educate 30 girls for the next 6 years, Cambodia.

A better future for girls
In this region of Cambodia, people are poor and girls have little future prospects, they are often sent to the temples to sell objects to the tourists. We Like The World, in partnership with La Voix De l’Enfant et l’École du Bayon, wanted to give a brighter future to some of these girls by completely funding their further education.

The results
Irène Meister was hosted by 40 families in 14 countries across 4 continents.
€45,000 raised through hotel savings and individual donations.
The education costs of 30 girls completely covered through to their diploma, equating to a total of 180 years of education: school fees, uniforms, school stationery, bicycles to go to school, education grants, etc.

Ecole du Bayon, http://www.ecoledubayon.org/