A Selection of our Projects

We Like The World has already supported a great number of projects in partnership with local grassroots organisations.

Why education?
More than 72 million primary education age children are not in school. Source: United Nations
At WLTW, we consider that to efficiently tackle this issue we need a comprehensive approach. This means building schools, paying for school stationery, building dining halls, playgrounds and financing housing for the teachers to help them settle in these remote villages.

Why girls education?
“Investment in girl’s education may well be the highest return on investment available in the developing world”. Lawrence Summers. Former Chief Economist World Bank, Harvard President and former economic advisor to President Obama.
For WLTW, this means building a bigger school to stop prioritising boys, giving bicycles to female students to get to remote high schools and avoid being attacked, and financing higher education to avoid insecure jobs, early marriages or even worse, prostitution.